A Day Out on the Town – Job Hunt (OOTD)

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

Hey Beautifuls!! I know, I know!! I am so very sorry! Two weeks without a post, but I’ve just been lazy to be honest. I so dislike editing! And my mac is acting up so I cant watch all the editing videos to help me out. But no excuses, the Lord is my strength and shall be for the posts to come.

I will be putting out a few more posts in the days to come, I’ve been working really hard to make up for my absence, so I hope you enjoy them!

Alright. Now to get into today’s topic.

I’ve been on a very rigorous job search since the summer started, to no avail for the most part. But I have faith the Lord will give me the one that is right for me. (The reason why I started off with today’s particular bible verse.)

But finally, I got my second interview for this semester! Might I say I didn’t get the job. But one disappointment is just a door opening for even better oppurtunities. So this is what I wore for my interview, Enjoy!










  • Blazer: Macy’s
  • Cross Leggings: Rue21
  • Shirt: Just a regular Black V-neck Shirt
  • Jewelry: Dollar Jewelry Store
  • Heels: Chinese Laundry (Couldn’t find the shoe’s name 😦 )
  • Bag: Charlotte Russe (Sold Out)

That was a terribly hot day, from what I remember. Ugh!! And the hot wind was all over the place! And my sister was rushing me to get back inside. Oh well.

But there we have it! Interview OOTD. God bless you!

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