Beauty and Success

If you’re a beautiful woman, will you be successful?

What does it mean to be beautiful? Symmetry in face, a healthy body, a good hip-to-waist ratio? Biologically, concepts of beauty pertain to these attributes and some say a male finding a female mate looks for these qualities along with the ability to breed strong children. Even deeper into biology, men are attracted to women who have the opposite immunity genes to females to maintain health and balance.

What does it mean to be beautiful in the fashion, pop-culture, film, and the entertainment industry as a woman? To be within a certain age bracket, a certain weight, a certain height, certain dimensions, to have particular facial structures and body structures. When did gap teeth become beautiful, a big booty, over plumped lips?

Trends in beauty come and go and differ from culture and culture but symmetry and health will always be biologically attractive in human nature.

As I write this, beauty is actually not the subject. Beauty in a woman is what is praised. Should it be?

I started the Woman’s Crush Wednesday Club because the meaning meant something that was beautiful to look at. Girls of all ages using social media became to acknowledge that self-obsession and one’s appearance to the world is what got them “liked”. I “Like” you because you are beautiful.

WHAT? When in this period of time since Facebook, Instagram and Twitter started that women started taking themselves for granted, showing their only worth and VALUE was their appearance and how many “likes” their photos got them?

And it is value in both a sense of self confidence and a monetary one because not only do girls get more self-confidence based on the number of likes their pictures get but, at a tipping point over a certain number of followers, they can capitalize on it. They can become the “Model” that they always dreamed they would be, even if they couldn’t be one in real life because their looks, dimensions and photographic ability wouldn’t allow them to.

Their Instagram Model status made them a lucrative commodity of superficial fakeness which makes them a sellable product. Even a service which can then sell products. And, you know what, that’s fine. That’s more than fine as they have turned their time spent photographing themselves into a business. Look at The Kardashians. Hats off to them. Their reality show, sex tape, social media profiles, social media propaganda, manipulated “on-screen” lives have become a hugely successful business.

So let’s get back to Woman’s Crush Wednesday Club. On social media, one’s Woman’s Crush Wednesday can be a variety of hot, sexy, quite often half naked women who may or may not be famous in any respects. Is that wrong? No. But I decided to start a club where girls of all ages could see that supporting and promoting actual successful, inspiring women who have worked hard and achieved something admirable in business, fashion, entrepreneurship, tech, media, law, entertainment were to be praised to. For the young girls we raise shouldn’t just be praising these demagogues of the “Instagram Model”, they should be praising women who have worked hard when there still is a glass ceiling and became their own boss in a line of work which wasn’t just about taking selfies.

Look at Sheryl Sandberg, Arianna Huffington, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Marissa Myer, and others.

With the Woman’s Crush Wednesday Club, my company JPR Media Group partners with senior management from luxury brands like Ralph Lauren, Coach, Fendi, Stella McCartney, Liberty, Tod’s, Christian Dior Beauty, Roland Mouret, Felder Felder and we celebrate successful inspiring women who have worked hard to achieve something admirable.

To find out more, please feel free to email my personal email and I will be happy to listen:


Hey Guys!

Its 2015.

I’m so sorry, I know 2014 was such an uneventful year for my blog. And that is completely my fault. I was focusing more on my Youtube (Link Here) , but I know Blogging was my first love. So I will be doing more posts this year by the grace of God.

I’ve been making more outfits, so the Glory Series will definitely continue this year.

I really want to get back into this being a fashion blog. So thankfully since my sisters are here, I’ll be able to have a “photographer.” 🙂

Expect more makeup tutorials for the makeup lovers as well.

I am planning on working on my website layout. So be expecting that as well sometime this year.

Thank You all so much for your support and everything.

I love you all very much!

God Bless!

xx Tomi P.

Where are Friendships Going These Days

Something has been on my mind for a few days and I’m very sure by the title you may already know what it is. Where are our friendships going these days? We claim to be friends to our faces, but anyone else would think we were the worst of enemies. But anyways before I jump the gun. Let’s start with the basics

What is a Friend?

  • If you were to take your definition from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it says  “a friend is one attached to another by affection or esteem or a favored companion”.
  • In my own point of view
    a friend is someone who you can confide in, you find comfort in them and their presence.

What is Friendship?

  • The dictionary has a very boring meaning, so I’m just gonna to skip that.
  • From me, a friendship is a mutual relationship between two or more parties (people), looking out for one another, caring for each other, having each other’s backs.

So, now you’re probably thinking, where is Tomi going with all of this?

Well, people have forgotten the meaning of being a friend and the essence of friendship, and that’s just it, plain and simple. People have let status, material wealth and(in its own way) social media get in the way of friendships.

One of the major things I don’t understand is, let’s say you have a friend, right? Are we on the same page? You have a friend (preferably a close one). And your friend happens to do something or behave in a certain way that irks you. Let’s say he/she….. Okay I can’t think of anything right now, but let’s assume it’s really bad. You’re very upset. The right thing to do would be to confront your friend and talk to them about what hurt you and how it hurt you and resolve issues as the mature and humble human beings that you are, but instead you go on twitter and tweet something like “Humans can’t be trusted” “They’ll claim to be your friend but then you see what they’re doing behind you” “Don’t lie to me” “Friends don’t do that to each other” “These hoes ain’t loyal” . And you go on this subbing spree, knowing fully well how angry you are at your termed “friend”, but when you happen to see this friend again, you’re all bubbly like nothing happened. You talk about the subs, and lie that it’s another person you’re talking about., and then you go back on twitter and you’re like “Learning not to trust people these days” and on top of that you’re saying horrible things behind his/her back. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING??

Or let’s say you plot something evil and wicked against your, once again, termed “friend” to hurt them emotionally to a point of possibly no return, and you call yourself a “Friend?” And you think people want to be your “friend” after that knowing the kind of person you are? WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING??

We use the term “friend” so casually these days that we are forgetting what being a “friend” actually means.

Which leads me to ask, Where are friendships going these days? We find out that people are friends for material purposes, status, some are even there to pull you down and other stupid things. We need to reevaluate ourselves. Why are we really friends with some people?

So answer me this.

Where is your friendship going today?


Lots of Love.



Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year Ya’ll. (I shouldn’t really be saying this since its like the middle of February already….)

Boy have I been exceptionally lazy about my blog, and I apologize.

I already had my plans set up for this year, and some things happened that just put me off track, so I’m trying to get back on track and by the grace of God, things will take their course in time.

I do have a lot of things in store for this year, I do want to do more blogging on fashion and things like that. And I started a youtube channel (YAYY!!!)  about 4 or 5 months ago, which is mostly going to be about hair, but I want to be a lot more serious about that, so if you’re interested in that, I will put information on that later in the year. I really want to get a new camera, but in the meantime I will be using my iPhone front camera to film, which is actually great, if you have good lighting.

Once I get settled after midterms and everything, and I’m able to get a camera, I will be back to blogging, and hopefully I will be posting every week if I can.

Thank you so much for your support Beautifuls!

Thank you, and God Bless You!

Tomi. xx

And don’t forget, SMILE, Jesus loves you!image (5)

Hey Beautifuls!

This is well, my first post. Nothing special. Just introducing the new blog. I have sooo many ideas on what I’m gonna do. My old blog was pretty much stories, and me trying to be inspirational but for this blog I have so any other things planned, that I know you will enjoy. Both guys and gals. So just hold on tight.

I really wanted to do more than just writing stories, and trying to be what I wasn’t with my old blog. I can say I’m good at it, but it wasn’t truly me or something I was passionate about doing.

So here you have Beautiful Entity.

A blog by me.

Enjoy Beautifuls!