The Sun Still Shines on a Rainy Day (OOTD)

Do not sorrow, for the Joy of the Lord is your strength” Nehemiah 8:10

Hey Beautifuls!! Welcome to my blog!!!!! This is my first official post! Yippee! So I know I’ve had this blog since Early May, and I never posted anything out of laziness, but hey!! Here I am!

So lets get into it, Shall we?

I’ve been changing some things in my life and one of the things I’m trying to incorporate into my lifestyle, is trying to look your best or at least presentable at all times, unless of course it is absolutely inevitable (exams). So I put together this little outfit the other day. (Heading to pay for classes and then to the mall)




So I know I might have spoilt the look with the sneakers, But I was going for formal but casual at the same time (Don’t judge me lol), But lets say I was going for a fully formal look, I added these babies to it.



Here’s my completely formal look


I was feeling my model moment above hehe 🙂



  • Top: Chiffon Blouse from Rue 21
  • Skirt: BCX at Macy’s
  • Jewelry: Forever 21, and a dollar store
  • Boat Shoes: Rock & Candy Boatie Boat shoes (DSW) here
  • Heels: Rachel Roy  Kalyssa  similar here or here ( I think my version is only available in stores.)

Thanks to the little sis for the great photos.

There we have it, my outfit of the day. Have a nice day! And God bless you!

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