The New Nigerian Tag

  1. What is your Nigerian/Tribal name?
  2. Do you have a Nigerian nickname?
  3. Were you born in Nigeria?
  4. What country are you in right now?
  5. When was the last time you were in Nigeria?
  6. How many times have you been there?
  7. Favorite Nigerian food?
  8. Favorite Nigerian snack?
  9. Can you cook Nigerian Food?
  10. Did you go to school in Nigeria? Day or Boarding?
  11. What tribe are you?
  12. Do you speak your language?
  13. Say something in your language.
  14. Can you speak pidgin English?
  15. Favorite Nigerian celebrity? Actor/Singer/ Whatever
  16. Favorite Nigerian song? (Sing it!!!)
  17. Favorite Nigerian Movie?
  18. What do you like most about Nigeria?
  19. What do you hate most about Nigeria?
  20. Do you want to marry a Nigerian?
  21. Would you give your kids Nigerian names?
  22. As a Nigerian what makes you different from other nationalities?
  23. What about you represents your culture?
  24. What around your house represents your culture?
  25. What’s a stupid question you were asked about your culture?

Hi, I created the New Nigerian tag, just because I wanted to do my own, and I wasn’t really liking the  question on the original one I had seen. Of course this one is inspired by that one. Make sure to peep the video above and subscribe if you haven’t already.

Feel free to use it on your YouTube channels or pages or whatever. But if you do please link them back here!

Much love

xx Tomi P.

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