The Sophomore Diaries: Why Me?

“Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always.” 1 Chronicles 16:11

Hey Beautifuls!!! How are ya’ll so far this week? Well I’m great, (Thanks for asking). Welcome back to this week’s diary entry in the Sophomore Diaries. This past week wasn’t so boring actually. But let’s get into it.


WHY ME? September 5, 2013.

(Okay so maybe the picture is a little too cheesy….)

Oh my, the funniest and probably the worst day ever for me this week was on Tuesday September 3rd. Okay so I finally got the job!!! (There was supposed to be a post about that a long time ago, but I kinda forgot……) So I was to start work on that day right? I was extremely tired the night before so I just set my alarm for 5am because I have to be at work at 8 and I have a lot of stuff to do every morning before I leave for school because my mom isn’t around. So I tried to figure out what to do to my hair, but it didn’t work out so I just went to sleep, I didn’t plan what I was going to wear or anything and a female just went to bed. AND THEN THE UNBELIEVABLE OCCURRED!!!!

I woke up wondering why my alarm wasn’t ringing. I looked at the clock and it was 7:30am. 7:30AM!!! I ran out of my room and asked my dad was it really 7:30, that maybe my clock had stopped or something. But nope, it was actually 7:30am. My dad saw me panicking and was wondering what was wrong, that’s when I told him that that was my first day of work and I was already late. He was so surprised I hadn’t told him. But at 7:35 I rushed to brush my teeth lol, put on deodorant and found myself color rioting to school (mind you, I did not take a shower, I had to sacrifice that to not be horribly late on the first day.) Within 5 minutes of waking up, I was in the car and on my way. I was speeding like mad. It was like The Transporter. You should have actually seen my driving skills. I was crying all the way to school asking God why he hadn’t let me wake up earlier. I was crying mainly because I had already planned out that morning. And when things don’t go according to how I planned, I tend to not be completely happy. But I was really trying a make a good first impression on my first day. My mom just happened to call me, and I was bawling all over the phone and she just told me to give my supervisor a call, and tell her I got caught in traffic (which I did…… it happened to be really minor, but it was true so…)  Finally I got to school at 8:10 AM. I spent about 15 minutes looking for a parking space before I decided to go park in the visitor lot and run to my office. Now I did that at my own risk, kuz if they find out I’m a student. They would fine me.

And then I went to work. Let me not begin to talk about how horrible my hair looked. Eyes red and everything, I arrived at 8:30am. But fortunately I smelled good. Looool.

Fortunately the rest of my day went well. Made a new friend. Quiet young chap. He tried to help me with my homework. But that didn’t work out. But he told me about his professor for one of our classes, and I switched over to his class, and he was telling the truth. The professor is Italian and he explains things so well, I’m so happy, I got the last seat in his class.

Guess what happened guys! When I turned on my alarm for the next day, I realized that I had set my alarm for 5PM not AM, I just laughed at myself. It was too funny. Gosh! I’m never gonna make that mistake again.

On Saturday I had this wonderful conversation with a bank manager. It was focused on “Which came first, The plant or the seed”. I chose the plant, and he chose the seed. And we were talking about it for well over an hour, he even brought out the bible to make sure and I was right. After a while we were just talking about God, church and other things Christian. At the end, he told me to come back again if I have any challenging question and that this was one of the most interesting conversations he’s ever had while working at that bank. God bless his dear soul.

This past week, I’ve just been hauling everywhere (getting a lot of stuff). I think I shopped everyday. Last Friday, my best friend and I went thrifting which was so much fun. We got a lot of stuff, I bout like 10 things for about $23. I think my favorite item was these high waist straight leg pants, just beautiful. Maybe when I go on a big enough haul, I’ll blog about it, and put pictures. I’ve been shopping all over the place. I bought the cutest blazer at Dillards the other day! Its a black kind of circus conductor blazer, but it’s too cute. Everything in the store was half off on Labor Day, and it was the last one. And mind you, I go where I can get good deals. Unless its shoes, you can never see me buying a pair of jeans for $50….. or a dress.. I just aint got that kinda money yet. But the Lord will prosper me.  And you too. Amen!!

Sorry this post was really rushed. I am so busy and stressed this week, balancing work and school and all, God will help me get it together in Jesus name. I’m about to go for tutoring too. Physics doesn’t seem to wanna be my friend this afternoon.

Thanks for reading!!!

Come back next week!!

Love you Beautifuls,



4 thoughts on “The Sophomore Diaries: Why Me?

  1. Bukky says:

    I actually love your blog TOMI!!!! it made me smile lol… its truly cute! you go geh! #biggestfan btw this is your love Bukky. Thank you for not inviting me to go thrifting with you. :/

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