The Sophomore Diaries: The Beginning

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” 2 Corinthians 5:17

Why Hello there Beautiful People. If I could see you, I would tell you how much God has blessed you and made you whom you are for a very good reason. But I can’t see you, but still know that’s how I feel.

Today I start a new segment in my blog: THE SOPHOMORE DIARIES. Well basically, I’m a sophomore (meaning Im in my second year or rather I’ve completed 30+ hours/untis/credits) in my Uni, and I really felt like documenting my experiences and all that good stuff and I kinda miss having a diary. So I’m going to try to be updating every Thursday, because school just happened to start on a Thursday  (Earlier than everyone else, My Uni sucks lol 😦 ) And I temporarily do not have a camera or photographer, and quite frankly editing is a hassle lol. So rather than letting my blog be idle, I might as well do something right? So here we goo!!!

Sophomore DIaries

The Beginning. August 29, 2013

SO school just happened to start on Thursday, August the 22nd. I still wonder who makes up these dumb things in this place! Besides the fact that it’s earlier than everyone else… Who starts school in the middle of the week?? Ugh! I could’ve used the two extra days I was deprived of to make my mind aware that I’d be heading to school. Like I even forgot to buy all my notebooks and stuff until the night before. The struggle is a real one. What sucks even more is that I’m still not living on campus.  I wish I was but hey, everything happens for a reason.

I’m all about making new friends and all, but I’m really shy when it comes to talking to people in class, like its really weird for me. So last week in my physics class on friday, you know, I came in a little after everyone kinda lost looking for my class and all, (fortunately the professor came late) and I sat down in the middle of the 3rd row (yes I remember these things) and so the girl next to me starts talking to me and all. And then the guy on my right joins in the conversation. And then we’re all talking and then after class I notice the girl and the guy are walking a bit faster and I no longer have input in the conversation, and I’m like “OH MY GOSH”, “DID I JUST GET LEFT?”, they used me to set P oh. That’s how the next class on Monday I looked at her, and this female acted like she aint even know me. It’s kuz my hair was orange and nappy, thats why. Or kuz uhh I dunno. But I’m just like “man, forget you 😛 I aint even talk to you first though, so I don’t need you.” But I did end up making a friend kinda. This girl named Taylor at the library…….. Yeah her. Shoutout to you if you’re reading! And if you’re not, Imma find you kuz I told you to read my blog. -_-

I’m tryna learn how to skateboard too. That stuff just looks soo cool tbh. So if you know how to skate, Holla at me!!!

Oh yeah… What else? I’ve been avoiding people. Yes it’s true I’m avoiding everyone. But then I’m kinda not, because I don’t see anyone on campus anymore so I can’t avoid people anyway kuz they’re not even here. :/ So I guess I’m not. But if I were, then… uhh… Well… It’s not you, it’s me.. I still love you :* . I’m not tryna be a loner or anything, I think I want to expand my horizons when it comes to those I hang out with. Man I want to have friends of all nationalities, you know what I mean? I’m sure you do. But if you don’t then oh well.

OH MY GOSH!!! Books and stuff be so expensive in this country. Like These college bookstore people are thieves, 419, awon ole buruku ( means “Thieves” in Yoruba). And its annoying how they want you to buy the school’s version of everything. How can ordinary English textbook be almost $300!?! I think the most annoying thing is when you’re not even gonna use the book for more than a semester. Let me tell you now if you don’t know. For those of us in the States (I dunno where else)  Amazon and Chegg and all those other vendors are your best friends when it comes to textbooks. You can find new ones on there for even cheaper than what the school bookstores charge for their Used books. And when you wanna sell your books back to the school they’ll probably only give you like 1/4 of the price you originally paid… Amazon can be so worth it at times. And if you know you’re not gonna need it in the future, just rent the book, really. It’s not worth the waste of money.

The last final thing. OMG!! I met an old friend from when I was younger, we used to go to the same church when I was about 7 or 8, and I remember I used to have this crush on him, and Boy has he grown to be a fine young man. And he just happens to go to my Uni. If you’re reading this… Then Hey!! Wassuppp!! Haha his head use to be soo big and round lol and he was really tall that time. Oh how I miss those days lol.  Meeting him again brought back memories from my childhood that I had long forgotten.

Well you know, It’s the first week of school, so nothing interesting really happened. Hopefully my life won’t be so boring this semester.

PS. Im probably gonna get really fat this semester, I’ve just been eating candy all the time. Next week I’m going to try to go on a water cleanse (Just drinking water instead of soda and all that stuff). But bread and nutella are calling my name right now. (Who remembers ironing bread back in boarding school? I think I might try that again haha)

Anyways, I hope you come back next week!

Love you Beautifuls.



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