Braids & Twists – What to Expect for First Timers, Care, Tips and More


Hi Guys, I know I haven’t been posting a lot lately, still trying to work things out with my new camera. So what I’ll be doing is putting my videos from Youtube on here, and going more in depth than what I discussed in this video.

I know for a lot of African females, this will not be your first time getting any type of braids, so its possible for you to feel like this doesn’t apply to you.

If this is your first time getting braids I have a couple of tips for you.


Unless you like the messy look, or your friend or momma’s best friend’s sister is really good at it, I suggest you get it done professionally for the neatest, cleanest look. Before I learned how to do my own hair, I always got my hair done professionally, whether in Nigeria or America. After I started doing my own hair, I stopped paying to get my hair done. The only time I pay is if I want to invest the money and  not take my hair out for a long time.

2. Moderation is Key for first Timers

Poetic Justice Braids. Good Lord. Aren’t they gorgeous? But aren’t they heavy and a neck pain? I don’t suggest really long and really thick (heavy and full) as a first time combination. If you are used to weaves, braids are gonna feel weird and its going to be harder if it feels too heavy. Long braids/twists with a moderate thickness, is really cute and less hassle on your hands and neck for the first time.

3. Take Care of It Boo

Braids will last you a long time if you take care of not only them, but your scalp too. Braids don’t really need a lot of care, but its really your scalp. Its best to keep it clean and moisturized. If you’re careless and not watchful of your scalp, your hair can twist around the roots, which causes a lot of breakage in the taking down process.

In the video I recommend a product called African Royale Braid and Extension Sheen Spray. I use this to reduce the appearance of dandruff, and also to oil my scalp. It contains Tea Tree Oil, that helps to stop itching and dandruff. I also use it to oil my scalp when necessary. it also add shine to your braids.

You can also put your hair up at night, in a bun, satin bonnet, or whatever you choose.

If you choose to wash your hair while in braids, you can. That’s always an alternative to continually spraying your scalp.

4. What Kind of Hair/Extensions Should You Use?

There are a wide variety, and I suggest you use the one applicable to the kind of result you want.

  • Regular braids/twists: Use Kanekalon hair, I suggest Expressions Braiding hair, its very lightweight. You can use human hair also, but I hear its slippery.
  • Yarn braids/twists: Yarn. Any type you like. I used the Walmart Brand Red Heart yarn, when I did mine. its also very lightweight. It may look heavy but it virtually feels like nothing. (That’s for me though)
  • Marley or Kinky twists: Use Marley braiding hair. I can’t remember the name of the one I normally use, but when I do, I’ll update it.

And so on and so forth.

5. Braids or Twists?

That’s really a choice for you to make. I prefer Twists by far, only because braids can be a bit heavy on my head, so I prefer twists. It’s really personal preference.


That’s pretty much it. If you have any questions feel free to comment below.

Thanks for reading.

God Bless.

xx Tomi.

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