A Time for Everything (OOTD)

“To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3: 1


Hey Beautifuls! It’s been a minute. Today’s post is an OOTD with my friend. We were at my Aunt’s (not really an aunt, but if you’re Nigerian, you understand) Introduction Ceremony. It’s a Yoruba tradition where a couple has been engaged to be married and they have this big ceremony introducing their fiance to both sides of the family basically. It’s just like a mini Traditional wedding.







My Buddy, Tochukwu, who came around





And The beautiful Bride to Be




My Outfit:

  • Dress: Rue 21
  • Shoes: A Gift
  • Jewelry: Rue 21

That’s all for today! God Bless!




If you have any ideas of what I could blog about, just lemme know in the comments, or shoot me an email at admin@beautifulentity.com . My life is BOORRRIINNGG, so The Sophomore Diaries, is gonna have to take a chill pill.

The Sophomore Diaries: When We Feel Alone

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.”      Psalm 23:4

When we feel alone

October 17, 2013

I haven’t posted in over a month. Besides me being lazy, Ive had a boatload of schoolwork and tests, and work. Everything has just been jumbled up. I finally have a free day, not completely free, but free enough for me to sit down and blog in my Discrete Structures class and still understand most of what my professor is saying. 🙂

So what’s been happening in my life you ask? Well nothing really. I’ve been BORED!! Schoolwork killed my social life (not like I had one before….). And I’ve gotten fat. I can’t fit into my clothes from summer 😦 … Okay not fat, but I’ve gotten bigger. So I told myself I’m gonna start working out. I told myself that last week Monday… Today is Thursday and I haven’t made it to the gym yet lol. I need motivation! I was supposed to go with my friend, but then he chickened out on me. And plus I still have to buy my gear, and to be quite honest, your girl is broke! So much for my saving up. (See me making excuses for my own laziness. God help me)

This past weekend was my church’s 1st year anniversary. It was a wonderful time for my church full of joy and celebration and….. FOOD (And it was good too). I just thank God for keeping us and all of our members through this first year of our church’s existence. And I thank God because there are an infinite number of years full of blessings, testimonies and miracles to come for us. (Say Amen and claim it for yourself too.)

Your probably wondering why the title of my post is “When We Feel Alone” and simply put, that’s what it means. Lemme just write down what I’m feeling right now. Uhh, to put emotions into words is not always easy. Sometimes I feel by myself. I feel like where has everyone gone? Why is it just me? Sometimes I feel so left out and everything. The smile on my face hides everything. Ugh I don’t even know what to say or how to say it… But your girl is unhappy.

So that’s why I’ve put that particular bible verse at the top. Even when WE feel we have no one, God is with us. He will definitely take care of us and everything that concerns us. All we have to do is just trust him.

Even though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we shall fear no evil. For God is with us. His rod and his staff, they comfort us.

Have a blessed week Beautifuls.

God Bless You



The Sophomore Diaries: Random Week 1

“Open rebuke is better than hidden love. Better are the wounds of a friend, than the deceitful kisses of an enemy.” Proverbs 27:5-6

random week

September 13, 2013.

How are ya’ll doing this week Beautifuls? I am ever so sorry for the late post!! I had homework due by 11:59 pm last night, and I was on that throughout yesterday! Today is Friday the 13th! Talking about bad luck! It almost hit me this morning, but my God said no. Today is the day they collect trash in my neighborhood, and I accidentally threw my keys in the big trash can outside my house. If I didn’t need to go to school, thats how the dump truck would have taken my keys oh!!

I am so tired right now! I’ve been waking up at 5 am almost every day just to get ready for work. And I usually don’t go home until late, because I’m studying or going for tutoring or stuff like that. I feel bad that I don’t live on campus because I’d have more time for everything to be honest. I wouldn’t have to worry about driving or parking spaces so that would cut off like1 hour and 30 minutes from my 3 hour preparation and I’d have an ample amount of time to sleep. And the library is open 24/5 so I’d be able to read overnight in the library or something. But in my house my bed is right next to my desk, and as soon as I open my book, I’m gone, off to bed I go especially with my hectic schedule. If I lived on campus, my parents wouldn’t have to be calling me wondering where I am and asking me to come home that it’s too late. And I wouldn’t have to be driving almost 35 minutes with the top-down on my car so I won’t fall asleep while driving, especially at night just to get home. Like do you catch my drift? Do you see my struggle? I’ve been kinda scared to talk to my parents about it, especially my dad, but since he’s the only one at home at the moment, I finally got up the courage to let him know a little of how I was feeling. All I said was ” Daddy, I think you should really consider me living on campus next year, especially now that my subjects are getting harder, I can’t be doing this everyday.” And he said we would talk about it when my mom mom comes back, so everybody keep your fingers crossed for me lol. I’m actually gonna calculate the price of gas compared to the cost of living over the course of 3 months and use it as a point.

As for my job, I think it’s actually worth it. I really want to do this study-abroad program, so I’m praying the Lord will provide money for my family, so I can go. It would be a wonderful opportunity and great exposure, and plus it would look good on a resume :). I wanted to do the fashion opportunity, but it was almost $17,000 for an 11 week semester in Paris. I jejely (carefully) helped myself to turn the page lol. There is no way my parents will pay $16K for a semester of fashion in another country. (And all of that doesn’t include housing, transportation, plane ticket, books or food.)

For a quick second I wanna talk about Miley. I’m not hating or anything but her new song “Wrecking Ball” I LOVE IT, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the song. But I HATE HATE HATE the video. The beginning was nice, and cute, where she was all crying and looking all innocent (Sorry but that part was so Adele. At first I thought Adele was actually singing) and then next thing you know, she’s riding naked on a wrecking ball. Please can somebody tell me what that has to do with the song? Does everything have to be sexual with this girl? Like I was really feeling the song and all but then.. Ugh! 😦 Scratch the video. And so she explained it, that’s her own business. SO she was licking the hammer because she secretly likes the pain. That is quite interesting. But hey, to each their own.

I’m gonna start being that friend that gives wounds like stated in the bible verse above. I’m not kissing up to anyone again. If you do something wrong, I will tell you, if you offend me I will tell you straight up. To be honest I’ve been a little too nice. I wanna be the friend that if you want the absolute truth you can come to in confidence. And I want the same from you too. If I offend you tell me straight up, if I do something wrong don’t let it slide, it may hurt a little bit, but I can handle it. Now I don’t mean do it all the time, and I don’t mean be really mean about it. But be a friend and I’ll be one too. See if we do this all the time, we’d rarely have beef because we are all telling each other what we’ve done wrong. The world would be a better place yo. I refuse to be the enemy that tells you lies.

Well all in all, this week was pretty chilled. Pretty boring to be honest. Uh, I did my hair, shopped a little. Went for physics tutoring that helped a quite  a lot.  Nothing interesting. I’m really sorry this post is boring. 😦

I actually had a little more to write, but I guess its not for this post. Its more of a little background on why I created this blog. But that’s gonna have to be when I have more time, or else this post would be super long.

Till next week Beautifuls!